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Smooth Acquisition Transitions with Early Communication

shutterstock_86474320-300x300Acquisitions in any community require well-planned and executed communication strategies.  In communities where these businesses are major employers, the need for timely, clear communication is even more critical. I have worked with organizations to plan how, when and to whom they communicate as acquisitions are taking place.

Keep Your Stakeholders in the Know

Audiences such as employees of both companies, local community and business leaders, professional associations and key media all are considered and prioritized to minimize the stress of an acquisition. In several situations this has prevented negative media attention and customer backlash, thus maintaining the valuable goodwill of the newly acquired business. I have worked on the acquisition management team for banks, high tech companies, insurance companies and consulting organizations.

Be Ready to Communicate

Plans are put in place during the due diligence period. We identify key audiences, messages and methods of delivery, including who says what to whom and when. When the acquisition is announced, we a system of communication is rolled out so that each audience receives timely information tailored to their expectations. The team anticipates concerns and is prepared to address potential issues candidly because of the planning.

Loss of key staff is minimized at both companies. Local stakeholders’ concerns about changes that might affect their community’s well being are alleviated. A foundation is established for a smoother transition to new ownership because concerns have been addressed candidly and often before questions arise.

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