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Media Relations: Blending Traditional with New Media

MediaRelations-300x199Media relations is a continually evolving discipline when considering the appropriate venues for editorial content and breaking news. However, the process of effective media relations remains the same.

Know Where Your Audience Goes for Information

It requires knowing how to reach specific groups of people by understanding how they prefer to receive information from businesses and organizations. You still need someone dedicated to identifying the most appropriate venues, developing rapports with the writers and editors who control access to those venues and then pursuing coverage on a consistent and credible basis.

The key to success lies in being committed to providing editors with timely information that has meaningful value to their readers – regardless of the format.  This means straight answers and no gimmicks to gain attention. Materials have to be well researched, well written and delivered on time. As a result, editors contact us more often that we contact them seeking expert resources.

Targeting Gets Results

Significant trade and business media during first two years of a smart card business, resulted in the first sale based on article read by university emergency department doctor.

Through a strategic focus on a narrow band of trades, we obtained 45 percent of all trade coverage of enterprise products, which earned them majority market share in less than two years.

Focus communication by a nonprofit on Facebook and Twitter is generating leads to potential clients and donors. For a strategic media relations program, contact Mary Ann.

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