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Strategic Planning

Take Time to Plan, Save Time Down the Road

Why Plan? What will a plan do and why do you need one? These benefits will be no surprise to you. To summarize they will allow you to:

  • Identify the key markets that have the greatest potential for referrals or funding. I’m certain you’ve already begun this process as part of your business planning, so it will be more of data dump for me to apply to the marketing components.
  • Articulate key messages for each market. In other words, together we will develop messages that appeal to specific market niches and to the decision makers within those niches. The messages will anchor all communication you have with each market. Messages help summarize what appeals to a given market segment.
  • Prioritize all the possibilities. We will generate a list of ideas during the planning process that will cause us to make choices based on the greatest potential, timeliness of opportunities, budget and other factors.
  • Define roles so that we can determine what you can manage internally and which elements require outside support from me or another appropriate expert.
  • Develop and allocate a budget.
  • Establish a timeline because this not only helps us manage human resources, but it also allows you to plan cash flow.
  • Establish benchmarks to evaluate success of the tactics we implement. We will tie measures to business goals. Realistic measurements of success are essential in helping all involved stay focused. This may require some upfront research to identify the benchmarks.

Finally, a plan gives you a roadmap to stay in the lead. Without a plan, you are vulnerable to changing direction without research or analysis. Having a plan always brings you back to center before you consider a new road to travel. To learn more, contact Mary Ann.

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