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Stop Talking to Give the Best Interview of Your Career

You have accepted a request to be interviewed by a journalist based on a story idea you or your public relations professional suggested. How do you prepare? If you have been through some kind of media or spokesperson training in the past, your trainer may have put emphasis staying on message. Forget that and let Mary Ann teach you how to weave in a message when it is appropriate to the response.

Know Your Journalist

She will help you and your communication professional prepare by offering ways to learn all you can about the journalist and the media outlet. Is the person familiar with the subject? What is his/her interview and writing style? What is the editorial style of the outlet? Is it about hard news, or is it entertainment? Learn about the questions you need to ask and the research you need to do before you meet the journalist.

Learn to Stop talking

You and Mary Ann will role play how you would answer the most obvious questions on a topic. She will push you to focus on pausing a few seconds to gather your thoughts after a question is asked, answer the question directly and concisely and then stop talking. The Pause-Answer-Stop (PAS) talking method is just one of the essentials to a successful interview. To learn more about this coaching method, go to

You are more likely to be treated fairly and in a balanced manner if you are candid and respectful in your interchange with a journalist. Even the bad news will be more palatable if you stick to the facts. Let Mary Ann coach your spokesperson to a win-win interview.

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