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Crisis Management

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Many potentially volatile situations can be managed in their early stages with good two-way, candid communication. Mary Ann is the person to call when the unexpected happens or a situation appears to be escalating. She can quickly lead you through a process that will help mitigate and in some cases avoid unnecessary visibility internally and externally. Each event has its unique qualities; therefore, working a defined process helps you maintain consistency and optimum control. There is no single solution.

Essential Steps before Trouble Arises

Mary Ann can work with you to identify your crisis team and establish a process to implement before adverse events happen. Such a process establishes:
1. Consensus among senior staff and leadership teams about the process.
2. Identifies potential spokespersons.
3. Conducts communication training for all potential spokespersons.
4. Identifies and have agreements in place for outside PR and legal counsel.
5. Conducts a review of the process at least annually.

She has helped organizations manage communication as a result of deaths, labor issues, embezzlements, bankruptcies, fires, executive terminations and lost residents of senior living communities.

To get your process in place and secure the external support you need, contact Mary Ann.

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