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Public Relations

PR is more than Publicity

Public relations is a multi-faceted discipline that encompasses avenues to reach audiences ranging from media relations to community relations. Mary Ann develops well-rounded PR programs the provide a balanced mix of these communication tools.

She will work with you to determine the right channels for your organization. The PR goals and strategies will align with your the business goals to engage your prime stakeholders. The best PR program for you may include traditional media, social media, community relations, speaking engagements and special events. To achieve the appropriate balance, we will start with basic questions such as:

1. Where do we want to be and when?
2. Who do want to reach and why?
3. Where will they look for us? (Newspapers, Facebook, etc.)
4. Will we know we are successful when what happens? (Leads, desired behaviors)

Take a broad scan of the PR possibilities to mold the program that bring you success. Contact Mary Ann at

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