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Catalyst Communications provides communication strategies to a broad sprectrum of business needs and issues. Through careful planning, we tailor our recommendations to achieve optimum results for our clients. Because we respect our clients’ privacy, we do not identify our clients when summarizing our work on their behalf through the case studies you find here. We will be happy to provide you with specific references when you are considering entering into a relationship with us. Here are a sampling of our capabilities.

Best Practices Approach Strategic Planning

A software company based in Toronto was in a rapid growth mode and needed assistance in aligning its internal marketing resources with plans for continued expansion through acquisitions and an eventual public offering. The strategic planning approach was based on a best practices model that focuses on what works well both inside and outside an organization.

Success with Media is Knowing the Right Venue

Media relations is a continually evolving discipline when considering the appropriate venues for editorial content and breaking news be traditional or social media venues. Separating traditional and social media strategies does not give you a balanced approach.

It requires knowing how to reach specific groups of people by understanding how they prefer to receive information from businesses and organizations. You need someone dedicated to identifying the most appropriate venues, developing rapports with the writers and editors who control access to those venues and then pursuing coverage on a consistent and credible basis.

The key to success lies in being committed to providing editors and writers with timely information that has value to their readers – regardless of the format. This means straight answers and no gimmicks to gain attention. Information has to be well researched, well written and delivered on time. As a result, editors and writers reach out more often to your expert resources.

Preparing for a Win-Win Interview

There are three primary reasons interviews result in misinformation or negative visibility.
1. Lack of appropriate preparation.
2. Something negative has happened and you can’t change that.
3. Only rarely, does the reporter misunderstand. That usually goes back to 1.

You can have a “win-win” experience that results in an outstanding story or at least neutralizes a negative incident providing you follow some basic principles. These are:
1. Know the journalist and the media outlet’s editorial philosophy.
2. Know your audience.
3. Prepare for that interview and not the one you wish you could do.
4. Learn to be a confident spokesperson.

Community Leadership: Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons

When a business aligns is values with a community’s needs, everyone benefits. This involves giving time, money, materials and people in the right places at the right times.

The value derived by a business is realized in several ways, including:
• Developing leadership and skill development through volunteerism
• Enhancing visibility in the community
• Enhancing brand identity
• Increasing the company’s image as being socially responsible.

The value to the community also comes in many forms, such as:
• Building capacity to serve an underserved population.
• Bringing expertise to an issue that otherwise be unaffordable.
• Mentoring future community leaders through volunteerism;
• Reducing the dependence of nonprofits on government support.

Early Communication Eases Transitions

Acquisitions require well-planned and executed communication strategies. In communities where these businesses are major employers, the need for timely, clear communication is even more critical and results in:

• Engaging employees in embracing change early in the transition
• Setting expectations for all stakeholders
• Minimizing loss key employees
• Minimizing negative rumors going viral

Engage you communication team early and frequently as acquisition plans evolve. Sharing information helps build and sustain trust.

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