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Practical Planning: Develop Your Team’s Planning Skills in Real Time

162631615-business-people-having-board-meeting-in-thinkstock-copyCreate practical, measurable plans that are dynamic and flexible. Getting from concept to reality often takes more than one planning session, especially for those who learn best with real-time experiences. This unique three-step process enables your team to become accomplished planners with a minimum of stress. Customized for your planning team and facilitated on site.

This educational opportunity has three components:

  1. A three-hour group interactive seminar to begin to grasp the fundamentals of planning.
  2. One-on-one sessions of about 45 minutes each where each team member receives assistance as he/she works on specific areas of the process that are stumbling blocks for that person.
  3. A block of consulting hours, planned at an average of two hours per person, to be used by your team for review and advice as they develop plans for their in-house clients.

Practical Planning delivers a planning process that moves quickly to measurable goals that are supported by realistic strategies and tactics. Because it is a dynamic tool, you and your team will:

  1. Save time because you know what you want to achieve and how you will accomplish it.
  2. Be able to better allocate human and financial resources.
  3. Have a means to evaluate new opportunities and adjust your plan as appropriate.
  4. Ensure that your goals are tied to your organization’s goals.

Contact Mary Ann to learn more about this unique training program.

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