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Invest in Your Company’s Future to Achieve Your Goals

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Making an investment in marketing is essential to keeping your business on track during market slumps. Even the most basic marketing channels need to be populated in order to keep your brand upper most in the minds of your customers. Depending upon your industry, the basics to consider include:

• Trade publications—print and online
• Social media sites—LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and Twitter
• Industry conferences and trade shows
• User meetings—live and online

Marketing and marketing communication are investments in the future. When cash flow is a concern, the key to success is to know your audience. Where do they go to learn about your products? What influences their decisions? Take the time to plan where you want to be, when and how you will get there. Make certain you have the right talent, on staff or outsourced, who have the experience to guide your marketing program.

What Does This Mean?

This means engaging professionals with the marketing and communication expertise to guide you. While having a single resource with industry knowledge and marketing communication expertise is ideal, the priority should be on the marketing and communication side when the ideal is not accessible. Industry knowledge is more quickly developed than developing the skills to assess, plan and deliver measurable communication results.

Set priorities based on your plan and its desired outcomes to match the resources you have available. It will be more effective to execute two or three things well than to try and deliver multiple tactics.

The Bottom Line

Most importantly, don’t be pressured into using a communication channel just because “everyone is doing it” if your audience is not tuned into that channel. For example, Facebook is one channel to consider when you want to reach grandparents. And, Twitter is not the channel to reach teens and tweens who are texting, not tweeting.


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  1. Fanny says:

    People noralmly pay me for this and you are giving it away!

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